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WELCOME to Spring

This has been a very prolific and creative year. I completed more songs and videos than ever before - much in part due to a fantastic group of co-writers/collaborators AND much in part due to YOUR support through; downloads, donations, likes/subscribes to YouTube channel, comments and shares with your friends. You all kept me going….when all I wanted to do was sleep due to medical treatment. 

Cancer as a chronic illness can be very isolating, depressing and relentlessly exhausting - especially for a type "A" person like me. I had to take off the Wonder Woman tiara, do my best and learn to find contentment in that. 

I asked myself, “Spring, if you could write one more song what would you say? And 5 years/many songs later, the Spring Lovelle YouTube channel was rocking.  Turns out I had more than one song in me, a lot more to say than I thought and was blessed with the miracle of more time to do it in. It has given me purpose beyond what I expected. And the life I live now, is better for it. 

Here is a 3 minute trailer video featuring samples of Spring Lovelle music to inspire you to live a full life, to not take anything for granted (especially health) and to share kindness and compassion with others. 

As I ramp up for another great year in 2023,  I want to thank you for making me feel seen, heard and loved - basic human needs.  Let’s all be our personal best in 2023! 

Love and hugs, 

Spring Lovelle


Special Thanks to Glenn Schneider for this video production excerpt from the extended version of his documentary “Gimme Guitar" featuring live performances and interviews available at:

 Songwriter:  Spring Lovelle 

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I love Spring's voice…it is so fluid and beautiful…reminds me of many of the great female singers all wrapped into one.” -Beth Nielsen Chapman, award winning singer/songwriter; for Faith Hill, Elton John, Martina McBride, Emmylou Harris

What Do U Say is about giving one another Grace in a world that seems more and more stressful and troubling with political, environmental, pandemic and social (or lack of) events. Kindness can go a long way towards world peace. What do you say?   

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