I love Spring's voice…it is so fluid and beautiful…reminds me of many of the great female singers all wrapped into one.” -Beth Nielsen Chapman, award winning singer/songwriter; for Faith Hill, Elton John, Martina McBride, Emmylou Harris

Spring Lovelle pronounced (Love-elle) owner at Spring Lovelle Music and Butterfly Beach Studios, is an award nominated performing singer/songwriter and composer for TV & Film, whose emotionally driven music reflects a life dedicated to exploring and evolving. She has college degrees in Communications; Radio TV Film, Fine Arts & Life Coaching. 

Spring began with intimate crowds to overcome stage fright & evolved to sharing the stage with major acts such as; Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd), Dave Sharp (The Alarm) and Jeffrey Gaines, performing in major cities; New York City, Philly, Miami, Nashville. “I spent years performing live, gaining momentum with radio/press. It helped me to understand what moves audiences.” 

After helping her beloved father transition from this world due to cancer, Spring challenged herself to sing the national anthem for a crowd of over 10,000. “I needed to do something to honor my dad. But that day, something inside me shifted spiritually.” 

Spring began defining her artistry with a quirky sense of humor & thoughtful storytelling.  The Unity church circuit allowed me to connect on a deeper level with audiences & leave them feeling better than when they arrived.” The next natural step was becoming a certified life coach through the Ford Institute at JFK University.  Spring began a music ministry leading church services with inspirational power talks enhanced by her musical performances & garnered a nomination for a POSI songwriting award for “Yes to Life”. 

After her own challenging journey with cancer, Spring stopped touring & discovered the world of sync licensing for Television and Film. “It challenges me on a different level as a songwriter as now I am working with other gifted writers, musicians and producers. 

A nature girl at heart, when Spring is not kayaking off to the beach, tending to her garden or chasing butterflies with her camera, she can be found editing music videos. Spring sees life as an adventure that is meant to be explored and savored even in moments of great pain, which is when art can truly set us free.



"With an engaging stage presence and voice that grabs you and refuses to let go, Spring writes about life's ups and downs with integrity and courage...a definite breath of fresh air."- Two River Times, Red Bank, NJ

“Merging the sensual mystery and purity of the girl next door.” Steve Brown, Drummer

"Marvelous music...I am so glad for Spring's gifted expression in this world"  SARK, CA, author of Inspiration Sandwich & Living Juicy among others.  the sensual mystery and purity of the girl next door.

I listened to Spring sing Amazing Grace...I closed my eyes and listened...I swear it was an angels voice singing to me, my heart burst open the tears began to wash down my face, she is a blessing to all" -Nancy, NC

Amazing, InSPIRIT-ing and beautiful is your soul that is being expressed through your incredible songs Spring...As I was listening to the song, “Transforming,” I found myself identifying with each word you shared. I am at the moment, going through a HUGE transformation in my life and your song was just a very loving peaceful reminder that all is perfect, keep trusting and to keep honoring and loving who we are through it all. You and your music have touched my soul...such a blessing you are Spring.....thank YOU for showing up in my world and making it even more BEAUTIFUL !!!:) Love...LoVe...LOVE your BE-ing 

"Spring exudes spiritual principles in her music and storytelling. Her live performance is fantastic!" -Coco Ramos, Unity Minister and Music Director, Oveido, FL

"...Her voice is like an orchestra.... multi-textured and layered with sultry nuances, delicate whispers, playful lilts and stunning melodies." - CORS Minister, Princeton, NJ

"... As she sang, I was hearing all sorts of other instruments, even though it was only her voice.” - Reverend Chris Jackson, Unity on the Bay, Miami, FL

"...what is most amazing and breathtaking is her voice. It is one of the most expressive, passionate and beautiful instruments I have ever heard." Anonymous fan letter 

" Spring’s beautiful angel-like voice touched everyone...emotional and breathtaking, not to mention the fact that it was the largest crowd the part had for a concert this year.” John Kapcar, Former President, Monmouth County Friends of Clearwater, NJ Jazz and Blues Foundation.

I just had a chance to listen to the Service you led, from 12/23 and it was absolutely beautiful.  Your music was as gorgeous as ever and your message was powerful and perfect.  I loved how you embraced the topic and gave such excellent examples that were relevant and pertinent.  Your talk was very organized and deeply touching as well, not always an easy task.  Your gift of weaving music with the message was masterful.  I have continued to receive wonderful feedback from congregants...I'm sure you have many endorsements as a talented musician but I would be happy to recommend and endorse you as a speaker as well! “ - Minister, J.Billera, Unity Church Sussex County, NJ

I came here today because I saw the subject of your message in the newsletter and I am so inspired, I am definitely coming back here.” Congregant, Unitarian Universalist Spiritual Center of Toms River, NJ

"Spring is on the top of my list. She has it all together. She is professional, easy to work with and I really appreciate her music stylings, arrangements and songwriting - so much so, I had to have her back." -J. Zukor, Music Director, FL

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