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Written by Spring Lovelle, Vince Constantino
Vocals by Spring Lovelle
Produced by Vince Constantino

An original fully produced classic sounding holiday tune ala Karen Carpenter

Spring Lovelle, Film & TV Music


"This is Christmas”
Vince Constantino and Spring Lovelle

This is Christmas time
Got a warm kiss on my mind
Hot cocoa in a steaming mug keeps us singing and dancing on cloud nine
Snow is on the way
Better pull out those boots and sleighs
Drifts building on the meadow field, let’s go out and play

This is Christmas fun
Now the party has just begun
Tree’s flashing colors to the carol sound while snowflakes catch our tongues
Let's take the show inside
Break out the s’mores and wine
Flames dancing on the window pane, let’s turn up that fire

Cozy blankets on the floor
We could snuggle there and maybe even more...oo

This is Christmas love
Peace and kindness, waves and hugs
The season is in the air, and it’s all I’m dreaming of

This is Christmas time
Got a warm kiss on my mind
Fun presents ‘neath the tree keep us singing and dancing, moving and grooving
Waltzing on cloud nine
‘Cause this is Christmas time

Christmas time