From the recording "The Spring Thing"

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I’m out of passion I lost my passion
It’s out of fashion - It tore right through me
Nearly knocked me down then it’s gone
What does love mean? Where is love seen?
I seem to miss it maybe I’ll find it
If I learn to read between the lines

Even when the days make no sense to me
I’m blinded by my own defeat
One deep breath can bring the life back into me
One deep breath brings me peace

I’m out of hope now I’ve lost all hope and
Sometimes it happens I fall down hard and
It hurts too much to get up alone
Do you know me? I don’t know me
What do I know it’s nothing I can’t see
If I’m strong enough to believe


I’m out of luck, well when did my luck run?
I wasn’t looking right from beyond the eyes I use to see
Cause it’s all hazy, maybe I’m crazy
Or just too lazy and tired to fight it anymore
I just give in