1. Familiar

From the recording "The Spring Thing"

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He looks at me and smiles and says it's been awhile
We sit down to coffee and plenty of talking
Though his eyes were persuading, his body is obeying
The cordiality between him and me
You see, we were once a pair, now I'm here and he's there
And I'm not quite sure why
He's still so familiar to me

Then he looked at me - he looked at me and said,
"When you finally forget about all that you're missing
You don't really need it anymore
But seeing you makes me remember how familiar
You always were to me"

You might think this is cute and neat
Oh, they're still in love, how sweet
But it's not what it seems, no it's rather annoying to me
See he's still got this problem with his heart and
mine it won't start for anybody else cause'
He's still so familar to me


When he looks at me and smiles I remember all the times
He made my heart sing such a sweet and pretty tune
I could fall yeah - if he asked - and if he left I'd take him back
Over and over cause,  he's still so familiar
Oh he looks so familar
He is so familiar to me