1. In My Wake
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In My Wake

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Songwriters; Spring Lovelle, Vince Constantino
Song Production; Vince Constantino

N MY WAKE is a reflective song using water/boat imagery to look back on past regrets and hopeful towards the future.

Mellow, acoustic, piano, strings, pretty vocals harmonies

Spring Lovelle, Film & TV Music


Spring Lovelle And Vince Constantino

In my wake
I have regrets
Lessons learned
But I've done my best
This new path could be a better way
Yet I still look back

In my past
Churning thoughts
and dissonence
A fresh start and I could ride the waves
With only love
In my wake

I wanna slow down and carry less weight
Feel the gentle spray kiss my face
pull up the anchor and sail away

In my eyes
open sky
dancing dreams
with endless time
Life is a mystery I must embrace
so there's only love
in my wake

In my wake
No more regrets
Lessons learned
I know I've done my best
The sun has pushed all the dark clouds away
So I won't look back
In my wake

Now there's only love
In my wake