A special classic song that I have enjoyed singing at live performances for years.   

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A fun upbeat song that hopefully can uplift us during this time of pandemic challenges and rapid cultural change. Sometimes things get overwhelming but after a few years of my own personal struggles, I have learned that attitude is everything. When you say yes to life, life says yes to you! Keep the faith.

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Songwriters: Spring Lovelle, Vince Constantino 


Co-written by Spring Lovelle (BMI) and CaiNo (BMI) featuring the lovely Kali J on vocals, this song is a fun pop "call to peace" - that we may become more compassionate understanding people in the world. 

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Songwriters: Spring Lovelle, Marcus Cohen


I love the ocean and that setting really seemed to capture this song's theme of finding yourself and learning to be authentic in a world that often asks you to conform to it.  I dedicate it to my dad who always encouraged me on my path.  The video features a Floridian dolphin jumping at the end...it took several hours for me to get that shot.  sitting and waiting by the water. Having the patience to capture these special moments is kind of like having patience with the process of  transforming into the person you know you can be...

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Songwriter:  Spring Lovelle




This video is my way of spreading the environmentally friendly word and I hope it inspires people to learn more about this topic and make a few positive changes . There is a lot of information out there and some controversy on climate change, but one thing that is for sure is that if we all do a little part to conserve resources it benefits our planet, health and pocketbooks!

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The Spring Thing
Songwriter:  Spring Lovelle



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